Consumo reinvents its business model

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Today, the newspaper el COLOMBIANO of Medellín published a news item detailing the situation of the CONSUMO cooperative, its future movements and its alliance with MACCA Desarrollo Inmobiliario and the construction company Hitos Urbanos.

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Under the title "Consumo ends alliance with Merkepaisa: Cooperativa Consumo takes back control of seven stores"Johan Chiquiza Nonsoque, author of the news item, gives us a neutral view of the current situation of the consumer cooperative and its future plans.

Johan explains that although... "Last year, the points of sale only generated income for the company from concessions and leases, due to a commercial alliance they had with Merkepaisa",... "this year we will assume the autonomous operation of seven points of sale: Belén, Envigado, Floresta, Laureles, Pedregal, San Joaquín and La América".

In addition, the author writes: "Among the plans for this year of Cooperativa Consumo, we want to integrate new proposals, starting with the headquarters in La América. There, housing and office solutions will be built, with the aim of retail already existing as an anchor. This process would then be carried out at the Belén site, and the possibility of modifying the third point in Envigado is being studied. This operation will be carried out in alliance with Macca and Hitos Urbanos".

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Healthy finances: Hernando Loaiza Gallego, Consumo's administrative and financial director, highlighted the healthy structure of the cooperative's finances to make this type of investment.

It is worth remembering that assets, calculated at 53,704 million by the end of 2019, presented a growth of 0.51 % compared to 2018. On the other hand, liabilities saw an increase of 4.85 % and reached 11,835 million, for the reasons given by the executive. Equity had a variation of -0.65 % in the same period, bringing it to 41,869 million.
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In the coming months the professional team will be revealing more details of the planning, design and execution of the projects, as well as all the commercial information for those who wish to invest and be part of them.

If you want to see the complete article of el COLOMBIANO click here.

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