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The project will be located in Medellín in the Manila sector in the El Poblado neighborhood, meters away from the Manila gastronomic area.


A project for investors seeking passive income

hotel investment project in medellín

business model

WELLCOMM is a WELLNESS concept hotel project that will seek to reconnect guests with the essential aspects of human nature.

It will be marketed through digital platforms with a single active operator under the responsibility of the international operator. Aken hotelsspecialists in boutique hotels & spa.

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A hotel project that seeks to generate high-value experiences, with an integral business model that includes a signature restaurant and a revolutionary full-service spa, in addition to its thermal shock pools, which are a unique proposal in the city.

Profitability is projected to exceed 1.4% E.M. (*Projected profitability is subject to market conditions and occupancy).

in operation

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Tin Castro and Daniel Giraldo, main managers of the project are in a conversation about the beginnings of the project and its future vision with Camilo Gonzalez, our project manager.


of the WELLCOMM Hotel Project
Located in the

Heart of Manila

Its privileged location in one of the most rapidly developing lifestyle neighborhoods in Medellín will be one of the driving forces behind the project's success.

INVEST IN project with

25 rooms

In a building with a spa/bath house with thermal shock pools and a signature restaurant on its rooftop.

A business with


In this model you receive a return for the complete operation of the asset and all the turnover it generates with its different offers and services.

focused on the 6

pillars of well-being

Our approach will focus on exercise, nutrition, recovery, sleep, mind and breath.

estimated profitability of the

1.4% effective monthly*

Calculated with an average occupancy at 75% (Medellín is currently at 76%) adding also the profitability of the other services.

AKEN Hotels will hold its

hotel operations

Using a lean, service-focused operating model, we will seek to improve both margin and guest satisfaction.

Info: Aken hotels

*The numbers in the business proposal are a projection calculated under an average occupancy of 70% and are based on the average occupancy of the city of Medellín. Variations in the market and external factors may alter the result. Construction times are calculated based on normal market timing and conditions and the correct disbursement of installments by investors. First quarter of 2023

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