Invest in our ryo53 project for AIRBNB type short stay rentals in Medellín.

Designed for digital nomads


The RYO53 real estate project will be located in Medellín, in the La Aguacatala neighborhood, a few minutes walking distance from the EAFIT University, office areas, stores and all types of businesses.

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A project for investors seeking passive income

real estate project Ryo53 medellín

business model

Ryo53 is a project of "short and medium stay suites for rent" with complementary services on the second floor.

It will be commercialized through the AIRBNB scheme and digital platforms such as Booking.com with a single operating company, "Easy Living".

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The Ryo53 real estate project features a modern design with industrial finishes and dedicated workspaces in living quarters, Ryo will have 46 units for short and medium term rentals. 

The units will be delivered fully finished, with an additional payment for endowment. They will have industrial and modern finishes.

Profitability is projected to exceed 17.5% A.E. including an annual appreciation of 5% of the value of the property. (*Projected profitability is subject to market conditions and occupancy).

Start of construction: First quarter 2024 (approx.)
Completion: last quarter 2025 (Approx.)

Backed by Alianza fiduciaria


Download the PDF and see the business numbers

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Real estate investment project RYO53

la aguacatala & jumbo

Its location in the La Aguacatala neighborhood is ideal for the project's target audience, which are visitors who come to the city for work or study and need dedicated work spaces.


46 Studies

In a building with suites with terrace, jacuzzi and sauna on the fourth floor and a variety of duplexes with independent work space.

A business with

shared revenue

Invest in a short and medium term real estate rental business, own a piece of a building created to generate monthly cash flow through the rental of real estate units.

your studio with

it's own registration

With an investment starting at $365 million pesos you can acquire a percentage of the business and become part of a passive income investment model.

Projected IRR of

17.5% E.A.*

With a 5% valuation on an average occupancy at 72% (Medellín is currently at 82%), you could recover your investment in 9 to 10 years. 

Easy Living

hotel operations

Using its lean operating model, it will seek to improve both margin and guest satisfaction.

More info: easyliving.com.co

*The numbers in the business proposal are a projection calculated under an average occupancy of 72% and are based on the average occupancy of the city of Medellín. Market variations and external factors may alter the result. Construction times are calculated based on normal market times and conditions and the correct disbursement of installments by investors. Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. Past performance does not guarantee or indicate future results. Historical returns, expected returns or probability projections may not accurately reflect actual future performance.

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