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"Thanks to the management and legalization of additional meters in one of our construction licenses, we were able to increase the meters built in our project."
Alejandro Jaramillo
La Pasteur Pharmacies
"I have placed my full confidence in MACCA's and Dr. Maria Victoria Uribe's concept for all my real estate investments."
Fredy Giraldo
Real Madrid Foundation
"With MACCA we work on projects and when it comes to something normative Dr. Maria Victoria Uribe's concept is very useful."
Lucas Gomez
Urban Traces


We are available all week to solve your doubts, but if you wish, here you will find answers to frequently asked questions from our customers...

To apply for the license you will need the plans of the work to be done, forms signed by the appropriate professionals and other technical documents requested by the curator's office. Please contact us to send you a specific list.

The cost of the procedure and the actual cost of the license are two different items. The cost of the process depends on the complexity and legal status of the property.

The actual cost of the license is calculated by the government and is directly proportional to the work to be done, when calculating the cost, the following is taken into account: The area to be built, the location and the concept of the work.

Yes, there are several taxes and payments that are created at the time of construction, such as the payment of urban and green zone obligations.

If you want to know more about this click here.

An area certification is a document that certifies the area that a property has in physical terms versus what appears in the deed.

This certificate is processed at the respective municipality and takes between 6 and 9 months.

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