Urbanistic Obligations Medellín 2023

How to pay the settlement of urban development obligations in Medellín?

If you are reading this, surely you received a communication from the Mayor's Office of Medellin with the "resolution 201950115951 of December 2019″.... "By means of which the liquidation is made for the compensation in money of the urban obligations in Medellín for the concept of land for public space for recreation, meeting and equipment, and for construction of basic equipment".

Urbanistic Obligations in Medellin - Park Delivered

In this document, the mayor's office details the total amount in cash plus an additional 15% "in order to contemplate the costs of acquisition and provision of the land by the administration"...

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1. Cash:

Where you would pay in full plus a 15% surcharge for your urban obligations in Medellín to the sub-secretariat of income located in the treasury services center in Plaza Mayor. Consult the decree here.

2. Pay with compensation lots

This process, endorsed by the Mayor's Office of Medellin, allows licensed builders as of 2014 to pay their obligations by purchasing a stake in one of the few lots available in the city for this purpose, saving not only the 15% cash payment surcharge, but even achieving an additional discount in the private negotiation with the developer of the lot in question. up to 25% discount compared to cash payment. 

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If you wish to pay your urban obligations saving up to 25% of what you would pay in cash directly to the administration, please contact us.

Once you receive the Resolution of notification of collection, you have 10 working days to respond to the administration that you wish to pay your urban obligations in Medellin compensating with qualified land (which we will help you get), If you do not respond before 10 working days, the municipal administration will issue an invoice for the total plus 15% of surcharge, which from that moment, can only be paid in money and you can not compensate with land.

Basically, you can pay in 2 ways:

  1. In cash, making the payment to the sub-secretariat of income located in the service center of the treasury of Plaza Mayor in Medellin.
  2. In compensation lots developed as parks. In this case, the participation would be purchased from a private party whose park is endorsed by the Municipality for this purpose and an independent negotiation would be carried out, avoiding the 15% surcharge for payment in cash.

Although the payment of the compensation in urban obligations in Medellín does not generate any type of interest, the total value tends to increase between 5-7% annually because it is calculated with the value of the square meter of the geoeconomic zone to which the construction license granted belongs. This payment is not a tax and has no expiration date, therefore we recommend not to extend this payment.

In simple words, if you wish to make use of the property that you have just built, it is not possible to stop paying, because if payment is not made, there is no receipt of work and therefore no registration of real estate, nor real estate registration.

Basically, it is like trying to board an international flight to the United States without having obtained a visa or passport.


The purchase of the right of payment of the urban development obligations in Medellín is carried out through a purchase and sale between 2 individuals (the owner of the land that has been made viable and the builder to be compensated), who will negotiate the price and form of payment formalized through a real estate purchase and sale agreement. 

If the property to be compensated has already made the material and legal delivery, the certificate will be issued as soon as possible by the municipality of Medellín. In the event that the property has not yet made the material delivery, the municipality will issue a favorable concept so that when this delivery is made, the certificate can be generated. 

All construction must pay based on the meters built and the geo-economic zone of the project. At the time of payment, a pre-settlement must be made, which will result in a total amount to be paid to the municipality.

If payment is made in cash, the municipality will impose an additional 15% surcharge.

If payment is made through compensation lots, an additional discount can be obtained from the owner of the property (subject to payment method and negotiation), which can become a significant discount if the surcharge for payment in cash to the municipality of Medellín is avoided. 

It is a reduced number of lots authorized only by the municipality of Medellín, which must go through more than 50 regulatory, technical and legal processes during several years that allow the property and its owner to comply with all the requirements to develop a public space project in order to compensate urban planning obligations in Medellín.


All those licenses in the form of new construction, expansion or remodeling issued only in the municipality of Medellin from 2014 onwards.

If your license was issued before 2014, you can still access savings of up to 10% by paying with compensation lots. Note that by law the municipality of Medellin will not generate the additional 15% surcharge.  

Those licenses that are in legal process and/or coercive collection, could not have access to the compensation benefit, unless a legal and regulatory process is carried out to revert said process.

At MACCA we are specialists in making lots viable for compensation, we are one of the few companies in the country with the technical and legal knowledge to carry out this process.

If you are looking to find out if your lot is suitable for compensation or simply want to save on your urban and green zone obligations in Medellín, please contact us.

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