URBIT GARDEN real estate project

Short-term rental project

In PRE-FONDEO stage (Next launching to sales)


The project will be located in Medellín on Avenida Jardín, 1 block from the second park in Laureles, right at the beginning of the gatronomic zone.

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A project for investors seeking passive income

real estate project URBIT GARDEN medellín

business model

Urbit Garden Social Lofts is a project of "short-stay rental apartments" and retail on the second floor.

It will be rented through the AIRBNB scheme and digital platforms with a single operator of the asset.

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This project of the URBIT family will be launched for sale soon and, like URBIT SOCIAL LOFT, will focus on short-stay rentals.

Urbit Garden will have a privileged location that will help you achieve an excellent return on your investment.

Next release for sales
More information: 300 492 3337

Backed by Alianza fiduciaria


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of URBIT real estate project
Located in the

Heart of the barrio laureles

Its privileged location near the gastronomic area known as Garden Street will be one of the driving forces behind the project's success.


64 Lofts

In a construction with 2 commercial premises on the second floor, one of which will have gastronomic purposes and will make use of a Spanish type terrace.

A business with

shared revenue

In this model, although you own your own hotel suite, you participate in the global business of renting the suites available for the month.

your own loft with

it's own registration

With an investment from $227 million pesos + Endowment you will be able to acquire a loft and be part of a passive income investment model.

projected income from the

1% effective monthly*

With an average occupancy at 70% (Medellín is currently at 82%), you could recover your investment within 9 to 10 years. 

Easy Living

hotel operations

Using its lean operating model, it will seek to improve both margin and guest satisfaction.

More info:

*The numbers in the business proposal are a projection calculated under an average occupancy of 70% and are based on the average occupancy of the city of Medellín. Variations in the market and external factors may alter the result. Construction times are calculated based on normal market times and conditions and the correct disbursement of installments by investors. Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. Past performance does not guarantee or indicate future results. Historical returns, expected returns or probability projections may not accurately reflect actual future performance.

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