With more than 10 years in the sector and success stories that have generated more than $600 Million USD for our clients and allies. Our team of professionals and commercial alliances led by Dr. Maria Victoria Uribe, is more than capable of positively impacting your project. 

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Our team

Our team is interdisciplinary and specialized in a wide range of real estate areas, from legal, regulatory, financial and sales.

María Victoria Uribe
Camilo Gonzalez
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Development of niche real estate products. Hotel and Housing.

Our multidisciplinary team has all the experience to find new business models for both hotel and housing to make the most of unattended opportunities in the market.

We create complete concepts and execute them with the best specifications, seeking the highest profitability for investors and the best enjoyment for owners and end users.

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Legal services for real estate developments

Our team of professionals is ready to help you face all the legal and regulatory challenges that your construction project may have. We have extensive experience and impressive success stories.

Mega-projects cityM consumption belen and la america

These projects conceptualized by MACCA and built by the companies Hitos Urbanos (Bogotá) and Trazos Urbanos (Medellín), are projects that will mark a before and after in the development of projects in such traditional neighborhoods of Medellín as Belén and Laureles.

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Our Blog

MACCA | airbnb 1

Investment projects for Airbnb: Single-operator, Multi-operator, Which ones are better?

Due to the tourism boom that Colombia and especially Medellín are experiencing, the needs of the...
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4 reasons why real estate investments are better.

Investing in real estate projects is considered one of the safest investments, as it is one of the most...
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MACCA | IMAGE 15989299 2

How are urban development obligations in Medellín to be settled in 2022?

If you came to our site, it is because you probably received a communication from the Mayor of Medellin with the "resolution 201950115951 of December 2019″.... "By means of which the liquidation for the compensation in money of the urban obligations is carried out".
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MACCA | Medellin opens three ecoparks

Thanks to MACCA's management, Medellin opens "EcoPalmas" ecopark for a value of $27,000 million in payment of urban development obligations.

This is a clear example of efforts that generate value for both the community and the investors who saved up to $10,000 million pesos in the payment of their urban development obligations in the city of Medellín.
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