Procedures, licenses and permits

land registry

Certification of areas

Also known as the Certificate for cadastral property plan, serves to define the correct area of each property. It is indispensable for any project.

Nomenclature certificate

This certificate is key for any project that intends to use utilities, failure to obtain this certificate on time may result in delays and cost overruns for your project.

receipt for common areas

Our technical team is expert in the receipt of common areas with more than 8 years of experience receiving common areas of residential complexes, buildings, condominiums, mixed areas, free zones. 

horizontal property regulations

This requirement for multi-family, office or commercial buildings sets the standards for the correct operation of the same. 

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Once you receive the Resolution of notification of collection, you have 10 working days to respond to the administration that you wish to pay your urban obligations in Medellin compensating with qualified land (which we will help you get), If you do not respond before 10 working days, the municipal administration will issue an invoice for the total plus 15% of surcharge, which from that moment, can only be paid in money and you can not compensate with land.


Checklist for Cadastre

Verify that you have all relevant documentation using this checklist.

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