Procedures, licenses and permits

urban curatorships

construction permits

We carry out the complete process for the application of the building permit for new construction in the city of Medellín and the entire Aburrá Valley. Avoid cost overruns due to delays in bad procedures.

extension licenses

If you are looking to expand your home or building or continue a development by increasing the size, then you need to apply for a building permit for a building expansion.

modification licenses

If you are looking to change the distribution of the internal spaces of an already completed building, you must apply for a building permit for modification, which will allow you to modify the spaces without expanding the built areas.

license renewal

If you do not renew your license with a minimum of 1 month (having all the documentation up to date), you will lose your license and will have to apply for a new one, starting the whole process from scratch.

Avoid bad paperwork or delays that can cost you time and money.
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Once you receive the Resolution of notification of collection, you have 10 working days to respond to the administration that you wish to pay your urban obligations in Medellin compensating with qualified land (which we will help you get), If you do not respond before 10 working days, the municipal administration will issue an invoice for the total plus 15% of surcharge, which from that moment, can only be paid in money and you can not compensate with land.

Although the payment of the compensation in urban obligations in Medellín does not generate any type of interest, the total value tends to increase between 5-7% annually because it is calculated with the value of the square meter of the geoeconomic zone to which the construction license granted belongs. This payment is not a tax and has no expiration date, therefore we recommend not to extend this payment.

It is a reduced number of lots authorized only by the municipality of Medellín, which must go through more than 50 regulatory, technical and legal processes during several years that allow the property and its owner to comply with all the requirements to develop a public space project in order to compensate urban planning obligations in Medellín.


Checklist of documents for Curadurías

Verify that you have all relevant documentation using this checklist.

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