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Project in pre-sales


Our real estate project De La Roche are apartment-suites located in a strategic sector of Medellin, near the Aguacatala traffic circle. 

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A project for investors seeking passive income

la roche medellín real estate project

business model

Our business model consists of collective short-stay rentals, which help the investor to receive higher returns than those obtained in conventional real estate businesses. 


The investment starts at 17m2 with an initial price starting at 250 million pesos. The projected profitability is 1%EM on the amount of the investment, ideal for investors looking to diversify their portfolio and maximize their income.

Tentative end of work:
second semester 2023 (May to July)

Backed by Alianza fiduciaria

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of the la roche real estate project
located near to

the avocado tree

Its location near Aguacatala station, in a quiet and walkable neighborhood, will be one of the driving forces behind the project's success.


48 apartment suites

In a building with gym, mini market, coffee bar, reading area, restaurant and rooftop.

A business with

shared revenue

In this model, although you own your own hotel suite, you participate in the global business of renting the suites available for the month.

your own hotel suite with

it's own registration

With an investment starting at $250 million pesos ($62.000USD APROX.) including the endowment, you will be able to acquire a hotel suite and become part of a passive income model

estimated revenue of the

1% effective monthly*

With an expected average occupancy rate of 80% (Medellín is currently at 74%), you will be able to recover your investment in 9 to 10 years. 

Easy Living

hotel operations

Using its lean operating model, it will seek to improve both margin and guest satisfaction.

More info:

*The numbers in the business proposal are a projection calculated under an average occupancy of 72% and are based on the average occupancy of the city of Medellín. Variations in the market and external factors may alter the result. Construction times are calculated based on normal market conditions and the correct disbursement of the installments by the investors.

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